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Craig Ringer craig at
Wed Feb 25 20:35:49 EST 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 02:54, michele digioia wrote:
> Hi. Since some days I became server administrator of my (little) company. I read a lot of docs about cyrus, sasl, sendmail and general mailing. But I still can't do two basic operations like: change user passwords and adding mail addresses. I presume mail server is cyrus with sasldb password (qmail and sendmail processes are also active, so I'm not 100% sure). I tried to use saslpasswd to change passwords but with no results (right passwords are still old passwords) and after adding a user with "createmailbox" cyrus command and with saslpasswd that user is not recognized from clients. Please, how may I do it?

Having MTA proccesses like qmail or sendmail is quite normal on a
machine running Cyrus IMAPd - as something is still needed to handle
SMTP mail delivery.

As for managing users - that depends on how your Cyrus IMAPd server is
configured to do user authentication. Try having a look at
/etc/imapd.conf to see what sasl_pwcheck_method is in use. 

If it says 'saslauthd', your server is authenticating users through a
helper daemon. You need to find out how the saslauthd daemon is
configured - it may be using PAM (to share the system authentication
setup, usually), LDAP, a MySQL database, etc. The most important thing
is how saslauthd is started - so a 
	ps aux | grep saslauthd
should be informative. Look for the '-a ' argument. There may also be an
/etc/saslauthd.conf file with detailed configuration for the auth mech
in question. Methods of setting passwords etc depend on the specific
authentication method in use.

sasl_pwcheck_method can also be 'auxprop' (which I know little about -
it's used for Kerberos/GSSAPI among other things) and 'sasldb', which
you clearly already know about.

Craig Ringer

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