exim and user+mailbox format

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at backtobasicsmgmt.com
Thu Feb 26 12:28:16 EST 2004

Erik Myllymaki wrote:

> Can any Exim-Cyrus users help me out here?
> There's a few posts around that detail this using cyrus_deliver, but my 
> cyrus_transport in exim.conf is LMTP...

Direct subfolder delivery with LMTP is a little tricky, you basically 
have two choices:

- Set up cyrus.conf to start lmptd in pre-authenticated mode (add the -a 
parameter), and add an "anyone p" (post) ACL to all subfolders that you 
want to be able to deliver directly to.


- Set up Exim to authenticate itself to lmtpd (using PLAIN auth is fine 
for this, as long as you ensure that lmtpd is only listening on the 
loopback interface), and then add an "authenticated_sender" setting to 
your Cyrus delivery transport that forces Exim to supply the appropriate 
sender name to lmptd. There are other caveats to this method as well; if 
you search the exim-users archive you should find where I posted a 
recipe for this last year.
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