"Mailbox does not exist" with multipe recipients msgs

Antonio Alberto Lobato tomlobato at ig.com.br
Fri Feb 27 19:38:56 EST 2004

	Hi all!

	I made this question on postfix mailing list and they recommended make 
it here.
	Im using Postfix 1.1.11 and Cyrus 2.1.15 for exchange mails for about
100 users. All works fine if users send messages to only one recipient
each time. When 'To:' field is feed with two or more recipients, as 
'tom at debian , cyrus at debian , test at gnu', the sender receives the message 
"Mailbox does not exist" from Postfix server, despite some msgs 
(curiously) arrives to recipients.
	My system is debian woody. Postfix uses 'local_transport =
cyrus' and Cyrus deliverys local mails via lmtp.
	Can someone help me?

	I already looked for these in the archives and faqs but found nothing
solving my problem.

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