encoded packet size to big when copying 4k+ messages to server

William Turner wturner at psatellite.com
Sat Feb 28 12:56:45 EST 2004


I have a user who wants to copy some of his mail from an old POP server 
onto his new IMAP store. Any mail under 4k in size copies up to the 
server fine, anything 4k or over fails. Copies that fail are 
accompanied by a message in /var/log/auth.log like the following:

Feb 28 11:45:23 titan imap[6715]: encoded packet size too big (4139 > 

The server setup is Debian 2.2.26 (soon to be 2.4.25). MTA is Postfix 
2.0.18, IMAP is Cyrus 2.2.3, SASL is 2.1.17, and we are using GSSAPI 
(MIT kerberos 5-1.3.1) for authentication. The user in question has a 
1G quota that is about 2% full.

Is there a configuration setting I can tweak or is there some other 
problem here?

Thanks in advance,

Wil Turner

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