Verification error...

Anders Norrbring anders at
Sat Feb 28 19:02:54 EST 2004

> [...]
> > Feb 28 23:30:43 hulda saslauthd[797]: pam_mysql: where clause =
> > Feb 28 23:30:43 hulda saslauthd[797]: SELECT password FROM
> > accountuser WHERE
> > username='tsnet0001 at'
> [...]
> Have you tried this SQL query against MySQL and checked what it returns?

Yep, now I have.  It returns an empty set.  The correct username should be "tsnet0001" and
not with the domain appended.  As I can see things, Cyrus does the right thing because I
can use POP and IMAP, but when I try to verify to postfix it borkes.

I have to go into some deep digging in postfix I guess....


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