Sieve Vacation and delivery to sender

Kristjan Kotkas kristjan at
Tue Aug 17 04:09:31 EDT 2004

Shelley Waltz wrote:

>I had the same behavior.  Sieve filtering worked fine, but vacation
>did not work.  After much searching, I discovered this ...
>My squirrelmail plugin did not require the user to fill in the "addresses" 
>field, and most left it blank.  Vacation will not work unless the To 
>address(or addresses) are specified.
>Shelley Waltz

the problem seems to be somewhere else.  I bet it has something to do 
with the duplicate supression and cyrus thinks that it has already 
answered that email..
I cant find a way how to erase the duplicate database.. so it would 
reset the dupes count.

Also, in my case the squirrelmail plugin does set the address but it has 
no effect on the overall.
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