shared folders among different virtual domains

Ken Murchison ken at
Mon Aug 2 17:03:06 EDT 2004

Pierre Moermans wrote:
> Hello list,
> I'm using cyrus-imap (2.2.7) with virtual mailboxes and virtual domains.
> I have succesfully set up folders shared by users of the same domain.
> I would like now to have folders shared by users of different domains. 
> The problem is that , whatever the ACLs, the shared folders are only 
> seen by people of the same domain.
> For instance, I would like to have lahidalga at shared among 
> *@lahidalga:net and pierre.moermans at pm-soft:be.
> How can I do that ?

You can't.  There isn't any support for cross-domain ACLs.  The biggest 
impediment to adding this is how to handle 'anyone' and 'anonymous'. 
Are these pseudo users inter-domain or intra-domain only?

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