Cyrus-POP & SASL2 auxprop work together ?

Peter Markom peter at
Wed Aug 11 15:20:05 EDT 2004

No, I am still working on it. Suggestions still welcome ;-)

I suppose it has to do something with the virtual domain stuff - but am 
still investigating.

The track I am currently following is:


When I create sasl-users (via saslpasswd2 -c user -u and 
mailboxes (via cyradm) and then try to see what mailboxes exist (via lm in 
cyradm), the list of mailboxes depends wheter I log into cyradm with
--user cyrus
--user cyrus at
--user cyrus at master
--user cyrus at

(all forms are defined as admins in imapd.conf).

It even looks as if mailboxes would "dissapear" when created with one user 
and then checked via lm  as another user of the above list.

Since this is the only odd thing left on my box, I suppose it might be the 
clue to my problem.

However, if solved, I'll let you know via the list (tired of finding only 
questions by googling, but now answers).



Am Tue, 10 Aug 2004 17:58:52 +0400 hat Anatoly Pugachev 
<a.pugachev at> geschrieben:

> Hello!
> Did you solved your problem with cyrus-sasl/imapd ?
> ? if 'yes' then how? :)

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