can't see subfolder created in cyradm

Ken Murchison ken at
Wed Aug 11 15:11:12 EDT 2004

Kevin Williams wrote:

> All,
> I think I'm missing something REALLY obvious here.  For some reason I
> can't see a subfolder (spam) I created using cyradm.  I've set up cyrus
> imap and am accessing it via Evolution.
> I've created an account user.testuser1 and a subfolder
> user.testuser1.spam.
> When I logged into my email via evolution I only had access to the main
> folder though.  I was able to create a subfolder in evolution called
> spam2 which showed up as user.testuser1.spam2 in cyradm.  
> Here are some results from cryadm:
>>lam user.testuser1*
> user.testuser1:
>   testuser1 lrswipcda
> user.testuser1.spam:
>   cyrus cd
>   testuser1 lrswipcda
> user.testuser1.spam2:
>   testuser1 lrswipcda
> AND 
>> lm
> user.testuser1 (\HasChildren)          
> user.testuser1.spam (\HasNoChildren)   
> user.testuser1.spam2 (\HasNoChildren)
> So why can't I see the spam folder in evolution?

Most likely its because Evolution only displays folders which you have 
subscribed to.  When you create them via Evolution, it probably 
subscribed you to them as well.   When you create them outside of 
Evolution, you'll have to explicitly subscribe to them via some IMAP 
client (Evolution, imtest, etc).

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