Authentication diagram?

Craig Ringer craig at
Wed Aug 4 20:30:37 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-08-05 at 03:30, Ken Murchison wrote:
> Wil Cooley wrote:
> > Someone on IRC (#cyrus on was asking about
> > authentication options and I recalled that someone had put together a
> > nice PDF of the way the various layers operate.  I can't find this PDF
> > on the Wiki; could someone point me to it?

It's not on the wiki because I still need to make some final fixes to it
and add some useful text content to go with it. It'll happen someday,
honest ;-)

> I think the raw doc is here:

Yep. I did it when trying to get my head around authentication in Cyrus,
and it needs a bit of work, but it may be helpful anyway.

There's a PDF here:

> But I have no idea what app creates .sxd files. Draw, as someone else already mentioned.

As for renaming to .zip, you can do that ... but reading the extracted
XML won't be particularly enlightening.

Craig Ringer

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