imap flags lost after upgrade (2.0.15 to 2.2.6) [problem solved]

Tomas Lindroos DC skitta at
Wed Aug 18 06:07:08 EDT 2004

Hello again.

Sorry for replying to my own post.

It seems that cyrus cannot upgrade the cyrus.index files in mailboxes 
between versions 2.0.x and 2.2.x. I had to write a program that 
'upgrades' this database, which is then run on all mailboxes before 
running 'reconstruct' on the new server. Now all flags and other data is 
transferred correctly.

(The records stored in the file has changed format and length, so 
reconstruct gets an error message from the library function that reads 
index-files. After that, it rebuilds the index-file from scratch, with 
most values set to zero. This program upgrades the index file from 
"minor version" 3 to 6.)


Tomas Lindroos wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> The university I work for is upgrading its cyrus 2.0.15 (+patches)
> imap-server to a cyrus 2.2.6 murder. The mailboxes on the old server are
> being copied over, databases converted, sieve scripts compiled etc.
> One problem though, all IMAP flags seems to be gone after running
> 'reconstruct' on a moved mailbox. It seems that the SYSFLAGS USERFLAGS 
> bitmasks are all set to 00000000. I am running:
>   'reconstruct -r -f user.MAILBOX'
> Running reconstruct with the '-x' flag would recreate all found 
> mailboxes as new, but without '-x' reconstruct should try to preserve 
> the data in the files cyrus.*. This does not seem to work properly, at 
> least not between versions 2.0.15 and 2.2.6.
> Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there some "upgrade-tool" that 
> I should be using, but haven't found?
>     /skitta

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