sieve configuration (turning features on/off)

Tomas Lindroos DC skitta at
Mon Aug 9 09:43:30 EDT 2004

Hello everybody,

I am configuring a cyrus 2.2.6 murder, and I am going to use sieve for 
mail filtering. Is there any good way of configuring the 'capabilities' 
for sieve to allow or disallow certain features. I'd like to disable at 
least "reject" and "vacation" (users are not allowed to forward their 
mail, at least not via the imap-server, and vacation will be done 
elsewhere, if allowed).

Can this be done in some configuration file (imapd.conf?), or by editing 
some file in the sieve library source? The documentation seems to be 
quite sparse on this topic, but I think I've seen a post to this list 
mentioning that some sieve features might be configurable in imapd.conf.


  Tomas 'Skitta' Lindroos.
  Åbo Akademi University
  Computing Centre

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