can't see subfolder created in cyradm

Kevin Williams kwilliams at
Wed Aug 11 14:26:13 EDT 2004


I think I'm missing something REALLY obvious here.  For some reason I
can't see a subfolder (spam) I created using cyradm.  I've set up cyrus
imap and am accessing it via Evolution.

I've created an account user.testuser1 and a subfolder

When I logged into my email via evolution I only had access to the main
folder though.  I was able to create a subfolder in evolution called
spam2 which showed up as user.testuser1.spam2 in cyradm.  

Here are some results from cryadm:>lam user.testuser1*
  testuser1 lrswipcda
  cyrus cd
  testuser1 lrswipcda
  testuser1 lrswipcda

AND> lm
user.testuser1 (\HasChildren)          
user.testuser1.spam (\HasNoChildren)   
user.testuser1.spam2 (\HasNoChildren)

So why can't I see the spam folder in evolution?

Thanks in advance,

Kevin Williams
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