smmapd: MTA autoconfiguration

Andrzej Filip anfi at
Sun Aug 15 18:16:53 EDT 2004

Igor Brezac wrote:
> On Fri, 13 Aug 2004, Andrzej Filip wrote:
>> How complicate would be making smapd serving list of (space separated) 
>> cyrus virtual domains ?
>> It would allow "autoconfiguration" of MTA (sendmail). The same 
>> configuration for all sendmail & cyrus-imap sites without "site 
>> specific" parts.
>> [ I am ready to post more detailed specification upon request ]
> Please do.

To allow sendmail auto-configuration for handling cyrus-imap with virtual 
domains sendmail must get
1) list of virtual domains handled by cyrus
2) name of defaultdomain (from imapd.conf)

It can be done by making cyrus-imap (smmapd) provide adequate replies to:
* map_name="sys" key="auto/virtual-domains" => provide list of space separated 
virtual domains
* map_name="sys" key="imapd.conf/defaultdomain" => name of default domains

"sys" map should be ready to provide in future also other "interesting" 
configuration details.


It means that smmapd should pay attention to map name passed in query (AFAIK 
it is ignored in current version). Current format of replies should be limited 
to map name "cyrus" used by RTCyrus2 (sendmail & cyrus integration method).
[ ]

smmapd may also provide cyrus-size map which will expect 
"message-size:recipient" or ":recipient" (for SMTP messages or messages 
without SIZE=) as query string.

It may help to avoid "drastic quota violations" for low quota mailboxes.

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