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Sun Aug 15 17:04:22 EDT 2004


as I know, virtual domains should be handled by a MTA, Cyrus is a MDA which only 
have the mailboxes itself. So you only have an user without any domain. That 
thing you perhaps want to have are logins with a realm, but this has nothing to 
do with the usernames, because duplicate usernames are also not possible. But 
I'm not sure about this point.

A better more flexible solution would be a set of users which are mapped on the 
virtual domains. There is also a system with mysql support available which I'm 
using. See
A solution with Postfix is relative easy. Also other MTAs are supported. Perhaps 
you get a better insight of this topic by reading the documentations of this 

They are using PAM to authenticate, but that is not the only way you can do 
that. There is also a sql implementation in sasl itself (but I have no 
experience with it). A friend of me (who is running the sasl-sql thing) only 
said that this not very trivial to configure cause of spare documentation. But 
this also true for PAM on other operating system than Linux.


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Martin Ziegler wrote:
> I configured virtdomain as described in the documentation but for any 
> reason there are some problems. For example when i try to 'cm 
> at domain.tld' i get an 'invalid mailbox name" error.

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