Solved: mailboxes.db insists on using Berkeley ??

J. W.Andersen, Falster System Teknik jwa at
Mon Aug 16 11:27:10 EDT 2004

Thanks to Edward Rudd and Simon Matter, who helped sort this out.


--with-mboxlist-db=skiplist                - no difference.

>>This is no longer supported in cyrus 2.2.x dB formats are specified only
>>in the configuration file.
No, I realized that when I looked into the configure file. The funny 
thing is, that I get not complaints from
./configure when I set this parameter - most configure files do not 
accept illegal params.

>>You need to run cvt_cyrusdb_all after changing the configuration.
>The cvt_cyrusdb_all script is only part of my cyrus-imapd rpms, it's not
>part of the cyrus-imapd distribution or other packaged distributions.
>IIRC there is another possible problem with Berkeley db logs still beeing
>around after a conversion to skiplist. In that case I think the files in
>can be deleted before starting cyrus-imapd. However, always be sure to
>keep backups of all files in a safe place.
That explains why I looked almost all over the world without finding 
cvt_cyrusdb_all. I was
rather puzzled about it, since I (from Edward Rudds mail) got the 
impression, that it was
somehow included in the CMU distro. However, I learned that quite a lot 
of people were
helped significantly by means of that script. Simon,  can we not 
persuade you to make the
script (and perhaps a short readme or a man page)  avaliable somewhere 
?  TIA !

And now to the point: Simon was rigth about the Berkeley db logs. After 
mailboxes.db I simply renamed the db/ directory and created a new one 
with the same
rigths, and then skiplist took over with no  problems whatsoever. The 
general idea was
to get rid of Berkeley, which has brougth too many "interesting" 
experiences over the
years, and now I finally got there. Thanks a lot, guys !

Cheers, Joern
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