using imap LIST to retrieve list of domains in 2.2.3

Edward Rudd eddie at
Tue Aug 17 12:32:48 EDT 2004

I've been looking at trying to retrieve a list of all the accounts on my
mail server that is using the 2.2.3 style name based virtual domains.
However it doesn't seem to work "correct"

list "" "user/%"
returns and empty result as nothing belongs to the "default domain"
(default domain isn't used in my setup)

list "" "%"
returns a list of "second level" /NonExistent domains (but only the 2nd
level part of the domain)

list "" "example/%"
returns a /NonExistent user at

Is this the intended "way" of retrieving domains? it seems rather
cumbersome. The end result of this is to update my CyrusAdmin php class
to support version 2.2.3.  However it seems as though I have to run MANY
queries to retrieve this information.

Is there any simpler way via IMAP to retrieve a list of domains/users?

Edward Rudd <eddie at>

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