[question] ipurge took too long time to purge mails from about 30,000 users.

원태환 weon at digitalwave.co.kr
Wed Aug 18 07:27:19 EDT 2004

We are using cyrus imap 2.1.9 on solaris 2.8 to serve about 30,000 users.
In addition, we are using ipurge to periodically delete old mails 
When we executed ipurge, it took so much time and consumed all of  CPU power.

Our cyrus-imap configuration is
	1. OS : solaris 2.8
	2. mailboxes.db and seen db : skiplist
	3. CPU: 1 x SPARC CPU
	4. RAM : 512
	5. DISK for mailboxes : SCSI single disk

Is there any idea to optimize ipurge ?

Any comment would be highly appreciated.

Tawan Won

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