How do I get sendmail to store mails on cyrus?

Søren Neigaard s.neigaard at
Fri Aug 20 04:00:55 EDT 2004

Hi again

Ok now Im following this guide to get postfix running with cyrus:

In this guide there is this line to get postfix to deliver mail to cyrus:

mailbox_transport = lmtp:unix:/var/run/cyrus/socket/lmtp

I dont have this path, however I have these:


I was thinking that the "/var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp" might be the right one,
or maybe I need to do some sort of cyrus configuration, or?


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On Thu, 19 Aug 2004, Søren Neigaard wrote:

> Ok now I have Cyrus running, and I can log on and all, and I
> have created a user (user.sne), so now I would like to send a
> mail to this user so I can test Cyrus. But... As I understand
> it, you need a SMTP server for this.

Yes, and you have the document describing how - it comes with the
source, look for 'install-configure', it describes how to set up
sendmail, postfix and exim. Or you can find it on the cyrus home

If this is not enough, take a google, there are tons of pages
describing how to setup cyrus with various MTA's, eg:

> and Im planning on using
> sendmail as it is allready running on my Linux box. But how do I
> set this up, how do I get Cyrus to store the mails sent to
> sendmail?

So I guess you're new with sendmail? Are you sure you are actually
running sendmail? Many linux distros have replaced sendmail because
it is overly complex. I'd recommend you take a look at Postfix,
but ofcourse this is a matter of taste.

Regards, Erik

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