Tru64 and rpath

Derrick J Brashear shadow at
Wed Aug 25 16:50:58 EDT 2004

> The only solution that I have right now is to hack all the Makefile's after
> the configuration process has completed to remove the extra rpaths.  That
> is quite painful.  The other thing I could do is hack the startup scripts
> to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and hack the perl scripts to do the same and make
> sure that anything we write that interfaces with Cyrus does the same too.
> Personally, I would rather see it solved at configuration time, but I have
> yet to figure out a way to do so.
> Any ideas?
> There doesn't seem to be a way to force configure to either create an
> appended form of a single rpath, or to not build rpath information at all.
> Either method would work for me.

RPATH should be being set in configure; there's a hardcoded list of how it 
works for each systype and then RPATH gets AC_SUBST'd. tru64 isn't in one 
of the cases. add a case for tru64 and make the rpath components get 

all of the source for the configure tests should be in the cmulocal 

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