mailboxname an cyrus 2.1.13

Jan Brand (Postmaster) cyrus-pmd0052 at
Wed Aug 25 19:19:04 EDT 2004

hi all,

first of all, sorry for my bad english. i hope you can understand what i
i use cyrus since one year. all works fine. now i have to migrate 500
mailboxes. the usernames are still in use and should not be changed. bat the
names are the problem. all of them are like 24025. i can setup the mailbox,
i can deliver the mails. but i cant set any acl for a mailbox.
for example:
cyradm localhost --> OK
cm user.24025 --> OK
sam user.24025 lrswipdca --> usage: setaclmailbox mailbox id rights [id
rights ...]

a other problem is that no user with the name 24025 can do a login
(badlogin: cyrus.mailserver.tld[] plaintext 24025 invalid

what's to do. please dont answer "change the username".

best regards


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