Cyradm problem [UNSUCCESSFUL]

Stefan Nitz cyrus-sasl at
Thu Aug 26 16:10:53 EDT 2004

Dear listeners,

Am Donnerstag, 26. August 2004 18:20 schrieb Nikola Milutinovic:
> Peter Clark wrote:
> > When I use the lm command I need to use "lm user.billybob"  where
> > 'billybob' is the actual user's name.  Hope that helps.

If I'm using 'lm' (as admin user) I could see ALL mailboxes! Maybe you've not 
the rights to see all? Are you logged in as the admin (/etc/imapd.conf) of 
the cyrus-imap?

> Further testing shows that "cyradm" from the incriminated machine works
> flawlessly against an older Cyrus IMAP running on another host. Also,
> logging in as ana admin and doing
> . LIST "" "*"
AFAIK this is an IMAP command. You can use it if your using 'imtest' or telnet 
f.e. AFTER authentification (as admin). You can't use them inside cyradm
> shows nothing, although there were two mailboxes.
> Right now, I'm reverting to non-GSSAPI authorization. It hardly useful
> at all and has been bugging me from the start. I still haven't given up
> on virutal domains. Oh, and yes, I did try to start from scratch, with
> both VDomains on and off - no luck.
> Nix.
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Peace & Luck Stefan
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