Setting up imaps with cyrus

Eric Schwartz emschwar at
Thu Aug 26 23:32:25 EDT 2004

Summary: I'm trying to get cyrus working over ssl, but thunderbird is 
hanging on connecting over port 993.

I have cyrus working fine over port 143, but for security reasons, I 
don't open that port to the big bad Internet.  I'd like to get it 
working with imaps, so I can securely access my mail from anywhere.  I 
followed the instructions here:

to create my CA, keys, and set up cyrus to point to the right bits.

I imported the cacert.pem file created in that process into mozilla 
thunderbird (my current preferred client), and it seems to have come in 
properly (but I'm not sure how to tell, other than the imported CA cert 
has the same info I provided when I created it).

The problem is, when I tell thunderbird to connect using SSL on port 
993, it just hangs, and never displays a password prompt.  I confess to 
not quite understanding SSL, so if there are some obvious steps 
somewhere to debugging this I should follow, or a FM I should R, please 
point me at it.

Thanks for any help,

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