Cyrus Murder: Backend causes corrupted mailbox list database

Ken Murchison ken at
Sun Aug 29 08:06:05 EDT 2004

Bernd Helmle wrote:
> [ Sorry for reposting this mail, but it seems to me that the first one 
> didn't reach the list. ]
> we're currently experimenting with the Cyrus Murder to build a IMAP 
> server cluster infrastructure. I had setup a master mupdate server, a 
> backend and frontend server. The server configuration looks like below:
>  Server A = master mupdate server
>  |
>  Server B = backend server with mupdate slave daemon
>  |
>  Server C = frontend server with all proxies enabled

The frontend should have the mupdate slave, NOT the backend.  The 
backends should only know about the mailboxes that they contain 
individually.  The frontends need to know about all mailboxes, hence the 
need for the mupdate slave.

> All works fine, the backend synchronizes with the master correctly and 
> the frontend servers works as expected. However, if i shutdown and 
> restart the Cyrus IMAP server on the backend, _all_ mailboxes located on 
> this backend becames unaccessable (when connecting through both, the 
> backend and frontend servers). The following can be found in the logs:
> Aug 26 15:07:28 fritz imap[9894]: login: 
> [] test CRAM-MD5 User logged in
> Aug 26 15:07:28 fritz imap[9894]: IOERROR: opening 
> fritz!fritz!fritz!default/cyrus.header: No such file or directory
> Notice the weird mailbox location path.
> Issueing the ctl_mboxlist -d command on the backend shows this:
> fritz:~# su cyrus -c "/usr/sbin/ctl_mboxlist -d"
> user.test       fritz!fritz!fritz!default       test    lrswipcda
> user.test.test2 fritz!fritz!fritz!default       test    lrswipcda
> The mupdate master server shows the same. Synchronization after 
> restarting the backend shows no errors.
> Cyrus Version is Cyrus IMAP4 v2.2.8-Debian-2.2.8-1

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