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Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Sun Aug 29 08:00:07 EDT 2004


I just migrated from standard unix mailbox to cyrus-imap. The migration 
tools distributed with cyrus-imap somewhat obscure and largely undocu- 
mented so I ended up writing my own, which I hope are better and I would 
like to make available for anyone who might find them usefull. They are 

Some reasons I find them better:

   1) Supports virtual domains
   2) Can be run multiple times, posibility of reducing downtime
   3) Easier to tweak

2: On first run, let your MTA keep delivering mail to the local mailbox, 
then shut it down. On second run, the migration script will only trans-
fer new mails, this is considerably faster.

3: This is ofcourse partly personal because I wrote it. But, there is 
not inherent scripts calling scripts calling scripts etc.

Since I have migrated, I have lost interest in further tweaking, bug- 
reports and suggestions are welcome.

Cheers, Erik
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