Cyrus on FreeBSD

Paul Schiro paul at
Tue Nov 4 08:25:21 EST 2003


We use Cyrus 2.1.x on FreeBSD 4-STABLE platform.  I use sendmail on the
front-end and use amavisd-new and PureMessage milters with that as well.  It
all works quite well.

What I would recommend is downloading Cyrus 2.1.15 (the most current
_stable_ [non-devel anyway] version) and Cyrus SASL 2.1.15 and installing
them manually on a play box.  Get it to work, break it, fix it, break it
again, remove it, reinstall it, just spend some time really getting to know
it.  Once you're pretty familiar with its ins and outs, go ahead and just
use the FreeBSD ports (make sure to cvsup them) of Cyrus IMAP and SASL (and
don't forget the cyrus-sasl-saslauthd port as well).  It makes it very easy
to update for new versions, as that port maintainer stays pretty on top of
things usually, so you can just pkg_delete cyrus and rebuild the port.  It
will not affect your stored mail or config or any of that at all to do it
that way.  You could just use the port right off the bat, but I would
strongly reccommend against that, as Cyrus can be a pretty complex thing.

If you want more information, and some specifics on how I've implemented it
here, just shoot me a mail, I'll be glad to give you some more info

Paul Schiro
Sr. Systems Engineer
American Select
<paul at>

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Subject: Cyrus on FreeBSD

> Evening everyone.
> I was curious if anyone was running Cyrus on a FreeBSD system? I'm
> considering running cyrus for our mail server here and I noticed that is
> currently available via the ports tree for FreeBSD.
> I would like to know what your experiences have been: Good? Bad?
> How's your performance and if you have had any big problems?
> I really like what Cyrus has to offer and I'm leaning to implementing this
> on our Company network.
> Thank you.
> Cheers,
> Jason

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