sendmail-8.12.6+cyrus-imapd-2.0.17: check presence of the cyrus mailbox during establishing SMTP connection

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Wed Nov 5 05:37:54 EST 2003

Gary Mills wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 01:57:01AM -0000, Mike Brodbelt wrote:
> Sendmail has a mailer flag, usually associated with the `local' mailer,
> but one that could be associated with the `cyrus' mailer.  When this
> flag is present, sendmail will look up the recipient in a database of
> users.  All you have to do is to point it at the same database of users
> that is employed by Cyrus.  Then, if the user is not found, sendmail
> will reject the mail during the SMTP dialogue.  In my case, I use NIS
> for the user database, but there are many other ways to do it.

I'm currently using sasldb for Cyrus users, but I'm in the process of
moving to LDAP. Checking users against LDAP sounds like a good idea, but
I'd want to return a 400 series error so as to avoid generating lots of
bounces if the LDAP server were ever down.


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