Norman Zhang nzhang at
Fri Nov 7 02:22:10 EST 2003


>> I created a mailbox nzhang by
>> 1. cyradm localhost
>> 2. cm user.nzhang
>> 3. quit
>> 4. saslpasswd nzhang
> Err it should be "saslpasswd2" - otherwise you are using a SASLv1
> linked imap server, e.g. Cyrus 1.6.x...

Yes. You are right. I made a typo. I did use sasalpasswd2.

>> But I don't see nzhang created under /var/spool/mail. I did set
>> mail_spool_directory = /var/spool/mail in /etc/postfix/ Is
>> there something trivial that I'm missing? Do I need smtpd.conf (I
>> can't find this file)? Won't postfix take care of mail transfer?
>> mail_transport = lmtp:$myhostname
> No...
> Use
> fallback_transport = lmtp:unix:/path/to/your/lmtp/socket/lmtp
> if you want to get mail delivered in your cyrus imap spool and local
> unix users will still have their /var/spool/mail-Files.
> The Cyrus mail system does NOT use normal mailfiles, it has its own
> spool.

I'm using lmtp TCP sockets instead of UNIX sockets to avoid taking anything
outside of postfix chroot jail. In Mandrake 9.2, postfix comes by default
running in chroot jail. This was the suggested method from the RPM
documents. Given the above reason, it's okay to keep my setup?

1. mailbox_transport = lmtp:$myhostname
2. lmtp cmd="lmtpd" listen="lmtp" prefork=0 (/etc/cyrus.conf)
3. add lmtp_admins: cyruslmtp at the bottom of /etc/cyrus.conf
4. useradd cyruslmtp with password "testing123"
5. create /etc/postfix/lmtp_sasl_pass for root:root with 600
   permissions. File contents are
6. postmap /etc/postfix/lmtp_sasl_pass
   postconf -e "lmtp_sasl_auth_enable = yes"
   postconf -e "lmtp_sasl_password_maps =
   postconf -e "lmtp_sasl_security_options = noanonymous"

I'm new to cyrus. May I ask with the above setup where would I find the mail
for cyrus spool?


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