hardware for cyrus murder

Giridhar Raichur gzzr at lanl.gov
Wed Nov 12 10:56:20 EST 2003

On Wed, 2003-11-12 at 00:20, Thomas Hager wrote:
> >   How are your backends doing so far ?
> very well. the system load usually varies between 2 and 6, depending on
> the number of ldap requests done by the mtas for mail routing. we expect
> the load to reduce to 1-2, when we equip each mta with a local ldap
> slave.

I was thinking of having the MTA query ldap slaves for mail routing
using the DNS round robin but the idea of running a ldap slave on the
MTA is interesting. Tom, thanks for offering to give feedback on your
latest setup.

Has anyone tried GSSAPI type of authentication in machines where the
load may be between 2 and 4?

Thanks all for your responses. I learned a lot!



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