Sendmail rules for delivering to user@domain1 local and user@doma in2 cyrus

Joe Thomas joe_thomas at
Mon Nov 10 12:32:57 EST 2003

Running FreeBSD (4.7R) with Sendmail 8.12.9 and Cyrus 2.2.2 BETA...

I have two domains on this box with a user that exists in both domains.
I want email for user at domain1 to be delivered via sendmail:local as if
cyrus weren't around (which it does) and email for user at domain2 to be
delivered via cyrus to be picked up imap/pop. Currently, email to
user at domain2 gets delivered via sendmail:local because the rules have
stripped off the domain.

My sendmail rule writing is pretty rusty and I didn't find anything quite
what I want to do in searching the more recent (~last 6 months) of archives.
Has anyone written the rules to forward the virtual domain 'domain2' to

BTW: If the user only exists on the domain2 side, or if I define cyrus to be
the local mailer, then I can get the mail via imap/pop so I know everything
works. It's just a matter of making the correct decision of which delivery
app to use.


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