Cyrus 2.2.2 BETA RENAME+DELETE Problem

Patrick T. Tsang patrick at
Mon Nov 10 21:56:13 EST 2003


I have been testing Cyrus-imapd-2.2.2 beta for a while and found a strange

The RENAME command is supposed to work as COPY+DELETE
ie. It copy the old name to a new name and delete the old one.

I have the cyrus admin defined in /etc/imapd.conf:

admins: cyrus

Since I use LDAP, the admin record is kept in LDAP as well.

The odd behaviour is that I can not touch any mailbox starting with "cyrus"
such as "cyrus2", "cyrus123" etc.
The result is that the rename command will left the old mailbox starting
with "cyrus" and have the new one created.

The "setacl" doesn't help as all. I just cannot delete these mailboxes.
No problem found to other name.

I don't if it is the design behaviour but it seems doesn't make sense.

I would like to know if I add one more admin like "admin" in imapd.conf and
then login as this user, the response can be different?


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