Migrating to cyrus-imap

Gregor Bruhin gregor.bruhin at netoxygen.ch
Wed Nov 12 12:35:17 EST 2003

> 1: Quota:  Currently I do not have any quota's on our system.  I am
> planning on setting up quotas in cyrus for 20MB per address.  How can I
> import the existing mbox if it is over 20MB and still respect the quota?

I would recommend to:
Check size of mailboxes
Warn big mailbox users by mail
Setup the new mailboxes on cyrus
Transfer the mailbox content with imap append for example
Only then set the quota (some users wont get any new mails since they are
using 20000% of their quota :-), you can decide to generate a temp 4XX error
to keep these mails in queue...)

> 2: Currently my passwords are all crypted.  I would like to use mysql to
> authenticate.  Does anyone know if the SASL auth allows authentication vs
> mysql with stored crypted passwords?

Yes it is possible, it is the good way to do it i think, never store clear
text passwords.. But you won't be able to do cram-md5 or challenged

sample imapd.conf:
sasl_mysql_hostnames: HOST
sasl_mysql_user: USER
sasl_mysql_passwd: PASSWORD
sasl_mysql_database: DATABASE
sasl_mysql_statement: select password from accounts where username = '%u'
sasl_mysql_verbose: true

> 3: currently I listen for about 6 domains.  With the current setup, if you
> add client bob, he can receive mail addresses to all 6 domains.  I would
> like to be able to setup bob at domain1 and he is different from bob at domain2
> without having to utilize the virtual user tables.  Is this possible?

This is an mta question... I think you will need virtuser table...

CU Greg

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