Migrating to cyrus-imap

Peter Clark clarkp at mtmary.edu
Wed Nov 12 13:10:38 EST 2003

Luc De Louw's Postfix-Cyrus-Webcyradm-HOWTO addresses all of these topics.
Even if you do not use the the process it is still worthwhile info to get an
overview of the topic



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I currently have a mail server setup running sendmail/procmail with the
standard mbox format for mail storage. I am planning on changing to
cyrus-imap/postfix in the near future.

A couple of questions that I have:

1: Quota:  Currently I do not have any quota's on our system.  I am
planning on setting up quotas in cyrus for 20MB per address.  How can I
import the existing mbox if it is over 20MB and still respect the quota?

2: Currently my passwords are all crypted.  I would like to use mysql to
authenticate.  Does anyone know if the SASL auth allows authentication vs
mysql with stored crypted passwords?

3: currently I listen for about 6 domains.  With the current setup, if you
add client bob, he can receive mail addresses to all 6 domains.  I would
like to be able to setup bob at domain1 and he is different from bob at domain2
without having to utilize the virtual user tables.  Is this possible?

Everyone's input is greatly appreciated,

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