read/unread flag per message instead of per user?

Christian Beilstein cbeilstein at
Mon Nov 17 17:50:37 EST 2003

Hi Rob, tnx for your answer

> On Sun, 16 Nov 2003, Christian Beilstein wrote:
>> Is it possible to set the read/unread flag per message (global)? We've got some shared mailboxes (for some kind of workflow) where the other users should see whether the owner has read (or e.g.
>> answered) an email or not. Is it possible to change the default behavior of cyrus (in my case cyrus 2.0.16, running on SuSE Linux 8.0) by configuration file or do I have to change the source?
>> If yes; how difficult would that be?
> Not easily, but you have a few options here.  If what matters is the *answered* state,
> then you can just used the answered flag, which *is* shared.

both flags do matter; the second user should see eg inbox exactely the same way the owner does. Is that attainable?

> Otherwise, you can use a user flag, which are also shared.  Only the seen state isn't shared.

What do you mean with "a user flag"? How do I use it?

> -Rob
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