moving Cyrus server question

Denis V. Suhanov den at
Mon Nov 17 17:38:02 EST 2003


I  have  a  working Cyrus IMAP installation 2.1.11 (OpenBSD port) and it
has  been  working  just  fine.  Now I want to move the IMAP-server to a
dedicated  computer  with  FreeBSD 5.1 installed. What would be the best
way  to  do it? How can I move the account information and user's letter

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

By  the  way (and sorry for offtopic, maybe it is not the right place to
ask this one), if somebody has an experience in installing the mailadmin
program  ( with Cyrus IMAP, I'd really
appreciate  some help with it. I installed it and set everything up, but
whenever  I  am  trying  to log in, it complains that the certificate is
self-signed so it can not use it. I tried to add /novalidate-cert to the
connection  line,  but  now I refuses to authenticate, because plaintext
passwords are disabled on Cyrus. Any suggestions?

Best regards,
 Denis                                              mailto:den at

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