Changelog, LDAP features

Pascal Gienger Pascal.Gienger at
Wed Nov 19 05:14:23 EST 2003

Thomas Luzat <thomas at> wrote:

> a) Fetching Sieve-scripts from LDAP (would guess not)
> b) Fetching Quota settings from LDAP (same)
> It's probably best to write some LDAP->Cyrus gateway for that, right?

For the university of Constance I wrote a little Daemon program which 
synchronizes OpenLDAP with Cyrus databases (and mailboxes) - because they 
did not want to compile the postfix and cyrus things themselves (lack of 

It uses the rather simple openldap-replication-mechanism to accomplish this.

For the staff there, the postfix/cyrus server is completely in the LDAP 
tree including passwords, quotas, forwards  and autoreplies (via a special 
autoreply program, also written by myself because most of them lying around 
send out too many autoreplies (to lists, errors, ...) and could not take 
the autoreply message via LDAP. Here we use the standard 

Mailboxes get created automatically when an LDAP entry comes in and it gets 
deactivated when it is removed.

So the user support personnel can just create an LDAP entry to make a valid 
postfix-alias and cyrus mailbox available immediately.

Works like a charm but it is not very elegant (I must admit it). I did not 
find any other solutions than to write it on my own.

If there are other solutions, let me know.
I packaged the whole system to a package named "priscilla" -


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