Changelog, LDAP features

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Wed Nov 19 05:55:16 EST 2003

> Thomas Luzat <thomas at> wrote:
>> a) Fetching Sieve-scripts from LDAP (would guess not)
>> b) Fetching Quota settings from LDAP (same)
>> It's probably best to write some LDAP->Cyrus gateway for that, right?
> For the university of Constance I wrote a little Daemon program which
> synchronizes OpenLDAP with Cyrus databases (and mailboxes) - because they
> did not want to compile the postfix and cyrus things themselves (lack of
> support).
> If there are other solutions, let me know.

The University of Athens is doing some cool work here

> I packaged the whole system to a package named "priscilla" -

What is the license of your package, can it be downloaded somewhere?


> Pascal

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