cvt_cyrusdb and DB versions

Ken Murchison ken at
Wed Nov 19 09:45:34 EST 2003

Andreas wrote:

> It's me again :)
> $ /usr/lib/cyrus/cvt_cyrusdb 
> Usage: /usr/lib/cyrus/cvt_cyrusdb [-C altconfig] <old db> <old db backend> <new db> <new db backend>
> Usable Backends:  db3, db3-nosync, flat, skiplist
> However, cvt_cyrusdb (and the whole cyrus package) is linked against DB4.1. So,
> what is "db3" doing there? Or was DB3 sucked in statically?

The "db3" has no correlation to the bdb version that you are using. 
When most of the cyrusdb stuff was written, db3 was the current version, 
hence the name.  In Cyrus v2.2, the backends have been renamed to bdb* 
to avoid this confusion.

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