permission denied / var/imap

Craig Ringer craig at
Wed Nov 19 09:50:02 EST 2003

> Hello. I posted yesterday under the subject of  "mkimap failure", but did
> not receive
> any responses. This is my first time posting to any group and if I have done
> something
> wrong, I apologize. Please let me know what it is so that I don't repeat it.
> Below is a
> more concise description of my problem. I would appreciate it if anyone
> would be
> kind enough to respond.

A quick suggestion - mkimap is a perl script, so you should be able to 
watch what it's doing at every step and see what's going on that way.

The strace output looks really strange - things look overlapped or 
mangled, but then I've never tried to trace a shell running a script and 
I'm far from an expert with strace.

It also looks a lot like mkimap expects to create /var/imap, so perhaps 
you should remove /var/imap and /var/spoool/imap to let it do it's thing?

$d = $conf;

print "creating $d...\n";
mkdir $d, 0755;

chdir $d or die "couldn't change to $d";

Craig Ringer

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