lmtpd rejecting messages

Craig Constantine craig at blkbx.com
Wed Nov 19 16:11:11 EST 2003

--On Wednesday, November 19, 2003 2:44 PM -0600 Alex Cresswell 
<acresswell at x-iss.com> wrote:

> So I posted earlier with Service unavailable messages coming back from
> lmtpd, this is the bounce message I'm seeing.  Is there any way to
> override lmtpd so that it will accept these messages or fix to filter
> these characters out?
> ... while talking to localhost:
>  >>> DATA
> <<< 554 5.6.0 Message contains NUL characters
> 554 5.0.0 Service unavailable

I know this doesn't directly answer your question...

But you could ask your MTA (are you running sendmail?) to filter 8bit data; 
The null bytes might be a symptom of unencoded 8bit data in messages... 
Just a thought.


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