$50 to anyone who can help me fix this problem (NEW INFO)

Cove Schneider cove at wildpackets.com
Sat Nov 22 22:17:45 EST 2003

Maybe posting an strace of what deliver is doing would help...

$ cd /usr/cyrus/bin
$ cp deliver deliver.orig
$ cat - > deliver
strace -o /tmp/deliver.$$ -f /usr/cyrus/bin/deliver.orig


On Saturday, November 22, 2003, at 07:37 AM, Bruce A. Bergman wrote:

> Thanks to everyone who is passing suggestions my way.  In case you're
> curious, none of them have worked so far... :-(
> One person (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>) gave me a
> suggestion that DID reveal an interesting data point, however, so I 
> thought
> I would add this into the conversation.  Especially for those sites 
> who run
> mail service for more than one domain.  Maybe this will jog someone's
> memory...
> If I am locally on my mail server, sitting at the shell prompt, I can 
> use
> sendmail, mail, rmail, etc to send mail to the test address and it 
> goes to
> all recipients, including me, perfectly.  Just as expected.
> If I go to any other Linux machine in my domain and send mail from it, 
> it
> naturally tries to make a sendmail connection to the registered mail 
> handler
> for my domain (the other machine).  Straight linux-to-linux sendmail
> transfers work correctly and again, everyone receives the message 
> perfectly.
> If I go to my www server, which is a winnt box running apache, and I 
> try to
> send mail from it (not running sendmail), its MTA makes an SMTP 
> connection
> to my mail server and then the situation promptly goes awry.  The 
> message
> ends up the in the mqueue as previously discussed.
> Here are the headers of the message queued up:
> MDeferred: cyrus mailer (/usr/cyrus/bin/deliver) exited with 
> Fb
> $_www.fatcity.com []
> $rSMTP
> $sfatcity.com
> ${daemon_flags}
> ${if_addr}
> S<bruceb at fatcity.com>
> Cbruceb:8:0:local:bruceb
> RFDA:bruceb at CYRUS
> H?P?Return-Path: <™g>
> H??Received: from fatcity.com (www.fatcity.com [])
>         by www2.fatcity.com (8.11.6/8.11.6) with SMTP id hAMFKt713296
>         for testing at somesite.com; Sat, 22 Nov 2003 07:20:55 -0800
> H?x?Full-Name: Bruce A. Bergman
> H??Received: by fatcity.com (wcMail)
>         id 39583W Sat, 22 Nov 2003 07:26:10 -0800
> H??From: bruceb at fatcity.com
> Does any of this new information help??
> thanks,
> bruce

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