virtual domains 2.1.15 - 2.2BETA

Wim Bakker wim at
Mon Nov 24 10:56:21 EST 2003

On Monday 24 November 2003 05:42, Robert Harris wrote:
> ok.. Ive been hashing out quite a few diffrernt ways and can just not seam
> to get firtual domains working
> according  to FAQ one needs to set the following in the imapd.conf file
> configdirectory: /var/imap
> partition-default: /var/spool/imap
> admins: admin rick.admin at jill.admin at
> virtdomains: yes
> defaultdomain:
> ok... done...  but heres the problem when createing the mailboxes
> can only create for the default domain still  FAQ says create for new
> domain as
>    cm user.test at
Here is it how it works for me, I implemented this for a client with two
domains, very simple and straightforward. Imapd.conf as you have.
I can create mailboxes for the and
virtual domains by logging in as their respiective administrators.
E.g. to create a mailbox in do:
cyradm --auth plain --user rick.admin at localhost
and to create a mailbox  for user "test at" do:
cm user.test
this is without the extension because you are allready logged
in as admin in that domain. You will see a mailbox
user.test at is created with lm
Hope this is what you asked .
Greetings Wim

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