BETA default domain question

Kendrick Vargas ken at hudat.com
Thu Nov 27 11:33:54 EST 2003

Hi folks :-)

First of all a BIG thank you to all who are working on Cyrus. It's a great 
product and it's made my life much easier! Thanks guys! Now for my 

I've been playing with Cyrus 2.2.2-BETA because I need the virtual domain 
stuff it's got. However I noticed that no matter what I did, the server's 
idea of the default domain always produced paths with:

	johndoe at example1.com
	janedoe at example2.com


whenever I created a user in a domain that ended in the default domain of 
the machine (in this example: example1.com). I thought maybe the reverse 
name lookup of the machine had something to do with it, so I added manual 
entries in the /etc/hosts to try and combat that. I tried other things, 
short of setting the hostname on the machine manualy from 
this.example1.com to this.this.example1.com. And somehow, I'm not sure 
that would work.

Basically what I'd like would be for all the mailboxes, not just 
non-local-seeming mailboxes, to be made in the domain hashed heirarchy in 
the spool. My reasons are mostly organizational. It just doesn't seem 
right that if you're gonna be sorting things by domain that you not 
include the default domain in that domain list. 

Is there a setting to do this? Or, is there a place in the code that I can 
manually break things so that nothing is considered local? I don't really 
code, but I understand enough to break things properly :-) So if someone 
could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.

Let he who is without clue kiss my ass

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