imsp and sasl config

Phil Chambers P.A.Chambers at
Thu Nov 27 11:54:32 EST 2003

I have had a very old IMSP version (pre-SASL) running for years without any 
problems.  I am trying to get a new version running which uses SASL.  No problem 
building it, but I can't work out what options to put in /var/imsp/options!

I am using saslauthd and that is working fine for my IMAP and POP processes with

  allowplaintext: yes
  sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd
  sasl_mech_list: plain

in /etc/imapd.conf.

I have the following in my /var/imsp/options:

  imsp.allowplaintext N +
  imsp.pwcheck_method N saslauthd
  imsp.sasl.mech_list n (plain)

but I get "no mechanism available" when I try to login to IMSP with plain text 
password.  (CAPABILITY shows AUTH=PLAIN)

What should my IMSP options be please?

Phil Chambers (postmaster at
University of Exeter

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