Recover from a failed rename operation ?

Stephen L. Ulmer ulmer at
Thu May 1 11:06:06 EDT 2003

 "rjs3" == Rob Siemborski <rjs3 at> writes:

  rjs3> I agree, this behaviour is incorrect.  However, I cannot
  rjs3> replicate this.  Atleast not in full.


  rjs3> Renaming user.cyrus to the new partition generates a System
  rjs3> I/O error, and (sadly) the mailbox dissapears from the mailbox
  rjs3> list (obviously incorrect).  The data is still in the original
  rjs3> location, however.

Dang, we ran across this last week and just finished verifying that we
got it cleaned up.

Our I/O error was actually generated by filesystem corruption in the
target partition.  Once we got our hearts started again, we added
about 300 INBOXes back to the malboxes.db and all seemed well.  Of
course we hadn't figured out *exactly* what happened, so we went
through the exercise of comparing the mailboxes to the backups and the
delivery logs to make a guess at whether we lost anything.

In our case, sometimes, parts of the mailbox were actually moved,
though not yet deleted from the source partition.  That is, we would
sometimes have the INBOX with the cyrus.* files in the target

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