squat fails

Earl R Shannon Earl_Shannon at ncsu.edu
Fri May 2 11:21:32 EDT 2003


I'm getting exit status of 75 from squatter. Does anyone have an idea 
what this is referring to?

May  2 11:17:27 uni98map.unity.ncsu.edu master[10235]: about to exec 
May  2 11:17:27 uni98map.unity.ncsu.edu squatter[10235]: indexing mailboxes
May  2 11:17:27 uni98map.unity.ncsu.edu master[10047]: process 10235 
exited, status 75

I'm running version 2.1.12 on an Ultra 2 with Solaris 2.7.

BTW, running squatter outside of master gets a Too many files open error
if an email is present in the box. I'm currently guessing that squatter 
doesn't like to be run standalone.

Earl Shannon
Systems Programmer, Unix Systems, Information Technology Division
North Carolina State University
ph: (919)-515-5480

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