Cyrus IMAPd 2.1.13 Released

Ken Murchison ken at
Fri May 2 20:03:28 EDT 2003

Bob Tito wrote:
> Ken Murchison said:
> Hi Ken,
>>Sounds to me like either you had a hacked version of 2.1.12 or you
>>enabled and then disabled unixhierarchysep.  By default, Cyrus doesn't
>>allow '.' in the usernames, so /usr/sieve/?/ should never
> I am sorry to dissapoint you, but NO hack applied, and from the start i
> had unixhierarchysep: yes in my imapd.conf , and at some moment i added
> altnamespace: yes.. that is all. All the time the sieve scripts remained
> working until the upgrade to 2.1.13.
> Again, perhaps i am to blame, who knows... ;-)
> But, it seemed important enough to give notice about that. Solved here in
> 5 minutes, but others might have bigger impact ?

I stand corrected.  I just looked at the CVS logs and this change was 
made between 2.1.12 and 2.1.13.  The old behavior was inconsistent with 
the rest of the code, and the change fixed this.  Apparently none of us 
gave any thought to th efact that this would break existing 
installations  :(

As you noted, this is easily fixed with a perl/shell script run on the 

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