Namespace problem

Michael Fair michael at
Mon May 5 23:52:13 EDT 2003

> Well you can't use a username like user at with cyrus 2.1.12.
> you need cyrus 2.2.0 for usernames like that..

This isn't quite true.
If you enable the unix hierarchy separator it will use "/"
instead of "." as the mailbox hierarchy delimiter.  This
will allow you to use user at domain.dom as the official mailbox
name.  The 2.2 series just does this in a much cleaner and
IMO smarter way.

Afer enabling unixhiersep you'd create the mailbox using
"cm user/user at domain.dom" the you then create SASL user
account with the realm set to "domain.dom" and the username
set to "user".  The end user's of course login in with
username's set to their FQEA user at domain.dom.

-- Michael --

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