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Mike & Robyn Cairns mikeandrobbi at
Mon May 5 23:01:36 EDT 2003

Hi all,

First (hopefully last) posting so please be kind!

I'm upgrading a older cyrus imap install to version
2.1.10 on a newly built RedHat 9 box using Squirrelmail as a webmail client

Installation went fine, IMAP and Squirrelmail are working over ssl.

My problem is migrating the old user base from the previous installation 
(different physical machine).

I can copy the users data (mailboxes, preferences etc), but I cannot seem to 
find a way to 'reconstruct' their email boxes consistently on the new 
server.  The '-r' option of 'reconstruct' seems to do nothing, I have had to 
create each users set of mailboxes manually (eventually sorted out a script 
for it), I also have the same problem reported in the mail list archives of 
users with a blank in the mailbox name.  the cyradm command line will not 
accept these (either quoted or escaped) although I can get squirrelmail to 
create one.

Any assistance with correct approach to migrate users appreciated.


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