building with snmp support in Solaris 8.

Earl R Shannon Earl_Shannon at
Thu May 8 08:57:24 EDT 2003


Sadly I've had the same problem. Apparently the cyrus code is trying to
find the sprint_objid function in the net-snmp library and it is simply 
  not there. I haven't had the chance yet to look further. And I'm 
compiling on Solaris 7. Version 2.1.12 of cyrus.

Earl Shannon

Eric S. Pulley wrote:
> Anybody besides me having trouble getting net/ucd-snmp support to 
> compile in with cyrus-imap-2.1.1x or 2.2 on Solaris 8?
> I've tried the older ucd snmp as well as the newer net-snmp and right 
> now I'm using the 5.0.7 package for Solaris 8 from snmp 
> works fine for other apps both compiled and the pkg version.
> with cyrus I always get:
> checking for sprint_objid in -lsnmp... no
> checking UCD SNMP libraries... no
> from configure
> Giving configure the path to ucdsnmp or not results in the same 
> message.  If sprint_objid is not build into libsnmp on Solaris is there 
> a work around?
> Any ideas?

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